Ecom Empire Price Breakdown:*


Ecom Empire Setup

Initial Setup Investment:


The Setup Fee includes a comprehensive package to establish the foundation of your e-commerce business:

Business Setup and Legal Structure:

- Formation of Limited Liability Company (LLC)

- Employer Identification Number (EIN) registration

- State-specific reseller's certificate assistance

- Guidance on establishing a business bank account

Tax Management Services:

- Business tax planning for one year

- Personal tax planning for one year

- Support with tax queries and obligations

Ecom Empire Membership

$5,400/Year $450/Monthly

The Membership Fee provides ongoing services and resources necessary for the operation and growth of your store:

Store Management and Operations:

- Access to Ecom Empire's proprietary store management software

- Regular software updates and feature enhancements

- Comprehensive store management services with expert oversight

- A dedicated Project Manager for personalized assistance

Community and Support:

- Access to Ecom Empire's internal social community for networking

- Direct line to a dedicated Virtual Assistant who will:

- Find hot products utilizing Amazon's algorithms

- List and manage listings on Amazon

- Handle customer support

- Report on store performance

Educational and Growth Resources:

- Access to our Community Platform

- Exclusive access to our Educational Videos covering e-commerce and various subjects

Logistics and Operations:

- Discounted pricing to our Logistic Center for efficient product handling and shipping

*Third Party Charges

Third-Party Fees (Not Included in Setup or Membership Fees):

Essential operational costs to be managed separately:

- LLC State License Fee, Varies by State

- Amazon Seller Central Dashboard Fee: $40.00 per month

- Walmart Business Account: $12.00 per month

- Google Workspace: $14.00 per month

- Domain Purchase: $10.00 per year

Note on Third-Party Fees:

These fees are charged by external providers for services that integrate with your Ecom Empire store, ensuring a seamless and effective online business experience.

At Ecom Empire, we believe in full transparency regarding the costs associated with running your e-commerce business. This detailed breakdown ensures you understand the investment required for both initial setup and ongoing membership, as well as additional costs that may arise from third-party services.

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